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Having a good Critical Illness policy only becomes important when it’s often too late.

I thought myself as a reasonably healthy person in his mid 40’s. Yes I didn’t do enough exercise & carried a little too much weight but that’s the same as a lot of the British public. Several years before we had moved up market and stretched ourselves. We’d decided to take the recommended Critical Illness policy in case either of us became too ill to work (or worse…).

In Jan 09, I suffered a couple of episodes of, what I thought was indigestion. When my wife (a nurse) found out I was taken straight to casualty. After some investigation they discovered I was suffering with quite advanced Heart Disease affecting 3 main arteries.

My main focus was on the treatment but Blue Moon reminded me that the policy I had with Scottish Provident covered my illness. So many times before I’ve told myself that you only know how good your car insurance is when you need to claim. The same thing is true when it comes to Critical Illness cover.

Thankfully Scottish Provident made things easy and kept me informed. They were helpful and all things considered acted promptly.

I’m now on the road to recovery having stents fitted to two arteries and, thankfully back at work. The payment from Scottish Provident has been useful in making up for loss of wages (Statutory Sick Pay is not a lot of money) and we are currently talking to Blue Moon about paying most of our current mortgage off. Had I needed to take more time off or even been unable to return to work, the policy would have saved us from having to sell up.

It’s so easy to think it will never happen to me but sometimes you need to stop for a moment & think, “What if…?” I know I’m thankful we did.

MJ, Kettering